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Water Slides

These water slides are great for all ages (kids and adults) and are the perfect way to beat the summer heat and satisfy your need for an adrenaline rush!
All you need is a spot to put them, (see measurements for each slide below) within 75ft of a elec receptacle and enough water hose to reach it.

Rocky Mountain

Dual lane

40L x 21W x 22H

Lucky Combo

Single lane

20L x 18W x 14H

California Wave

35L x 11W

Single Lane with Splash Zone

30L x 13W x 18H

Blue Crush with pool

40L x 21W x 22 H

Castle Water Combo

Dual lane

32L x 13W x14H

Lucky water Combo

Dual lane

32L x 13W x14H

Slip and Dip

Dual lane

35L x 11W x 9H

Dual Tropical Slide with Pool

39L x4W x 22H

Dolphin Bay

37L x 16w x 20h

Big Splash

42L x 20w x 22h

Wave of Fire

25L x 16w x 18h